Dominic Tay Review – The Online Money Making Expert

Passive revenue, in lay man terms means making money without active engagement. There are plenty of methods to earn money on the web but most of these require measures that are boring to invest tremendous amounts as well as takes a lot of time before you can actually reap the fruits of your achievement. Thanks to Dominic Tay, you-can make decent money at the comfort of your house. With extensive study over time and interaction with successful professional heads of internet marketing, a strategy to help anyone make adequate money was discovered by him.

Dominic Tay is becoming an internet sense with the achievement of his scheme on revenue that is passive through the net. Following the success of his online tutorial study he started his offline seminars that have been reviewed with positive and encouraging comments from his students who make suitable adequate money through passive income as instructed by Dominic Tay throughhis seminars. He’s been honoured with awards like Best 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014 (Given to Leverage Jump Pte Ltd.), Google Certified Person, High Level Search Engine Marketing.

A proficient speaker using a terrific mind, he might be observed at different regional conventions among a few of the leading executives and professionals who flock in to hear his thoughts. At present, dominic tay is the Master Trainer of the Best-Seller Earnings Seminar. His expertise comes from his interaction with all the biggie heads of the web marketing industry over the years. Through these interactions he’s acquired specialised knowledge on promotion search engine, also referred to as SEO.


Dominic Tay also has his own line of printed books which has sold-out since its release. He’s released more than twenty publications and authored quite a few books. After the inspiring success stories from his students who gained so much from his seminars Dominic Tay started his Search Engine Optimization Consulting Solutions to impart his expertise and reveal the experience with small-businesses at the same time and decided to t-AKE his consultancy beyond offline.

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